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Members of the extended family are expected to remain loyal to each other and the family.

As a result of this Brunei is a hierarchical culture. From a young age, children are taught to subjugate their own desires for the good of the entire family and to respect elders without question.

Looking at a map of the country for the first time may turn out to be a little puzzling.

You will notice that the territory of Brunei is divided in two.

It is also the language of instruction in secondary and tertiary education.

Other languages spoken in Brunei include the Chinese, Indian and Native languages spoken by the minority ethnic groups.

This came into force on 29th September 1959, with the signing of Brunei 1959 Constitution.

English is also widely used as a business and working language.

The official language of the state of Brunei is Standard Malay.

Constitution and the Rule of Law: Constitutional sultanate (locally known as Malay Islamic Monarchy); Everyday law based on Indian penal code and on English common law; for Muslims, Islamic sharia law supersedes civil law concerning Muslim marriages and inheritance.

Economic Indicators: Overall GDP is .88 billion (world rank is 126); Per capita GDP is ,300 (world rank is 9); unemployment rate of 3.7 percent (world rank is 32).

There has been no visible-from-the-outside public dissent in Brunei, although media there is almost entirely state-owned.

Brunei stats: Population: 401,890; Malay 66.3 percent, Chinese 11.2 percent, indigenous 3.4 percent, other 19.1 percent; Median age is 28.

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