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Bethenny clarified, he's separated, just as she is.In an article with , Bethenny joked that this is just one of many things that make the couple perfect for one another.Before becoming one of Bravo’s breakout reality stars, Ramona also worked in sales for Calvin Klein and later opened her own company, RM Fashions, selling closeouts.Pre-Housewives, she and her ex-husband Mario Singer launched the True Faith jewelry collection with HSN (More on that later).Lest you think Bethenny Frankel is the only one of the RHONYC sorority sisters to spin her reality-show-spawned fame (or is it infamy? Ramona is a hustler (and I mean that in the very best sense of the word) who earned her stripes on Seventh Avenue after attending The Fashion Institute of Technology.

"I didn't have a grand plan,” Frankel revealed about her television career.

Bethenny has tried to keep her dating life as private as possible, but now that they've been spotted out together, and their relationship is starting to make headlines, she's opening up a little bit at a time.

Dennis is a prominent New York City banker is the CEO of Law Cash.

“I thought I had something special and I thought I wanted to be in the public eye on some level, but I definitely didn't think I'd be what people call 'a mogul' or 'a brand' or anything like that." Frankel may seem like she has it all, but the 44-year-old mom still hasn’t found lasting love.

In her new book, she works through her mistakes, and dives back into the dating world, giving advice along the way.“My therapist would say that I don’t suck at relationships and that I give it my all, but if I had to be honest, I think I suck at choosing the right people for me,” she admitted to the magazine.

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