Chat room trade pic and vid

A trader’s toolbox is one of the most important assets you can have. (Note: not only do you gain access to the members only chat room, you also gain access to my exclusive newsletter with my Power Profit Scans and private message board community.) This is a very valid question, however, there is a very easy answer to it.

Whether you are a new stock trader or have solid experience with stock trading, adding the “live chat room” tool to your toolbox is something definitely worth considering. You (same as myself) only have one set of eyeballs. When there is a group of like-minded stock traders all with the same goal, you all of a sudden gain multiple additional sets of eyeballs to help you scan the markets for the next big mover, breakout, bounce, momentum, etc. In short, there is zero built-in filter for free chat rooms.

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Rumble Talk is a members group chat (public or private) with unique features like private video and audio calls.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m pretty much done with text. Not only do I provide a great diversity and range in regards to the scans I run and send out to the group via the newsletter, as documented in the article Shows Its Range, but there is also a wide variety of alerts via the chat room. I am going to start at the $.0009 stock and my way up to the stock.

As you will soon see, in a one week span (which is what below covers), the group has winning alerts ranging from a $.0009 per share stock to an per share stock. I will use be using the ‘actual’ alerts from the chat log to pinpoint ‘when’ they were alerted.

When a chat room has a built-in filter in the form of needing to pay to join, it automatically filters out the “typical” spammers, pumpers, bashers, etc. Combine this filter with a set of rules and guidelines aimed to create a professional and profitable environment, the per week becomes a very reasonable and logical price.

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