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After the audience applauded her comments about Spicer, Handler wrapped up the topic by encouraging the man she despises to ditch the administration he's working for. The administration is going to go down," Handler said.

"And the only thing he could do would to be like separate himself, to say, 'I’m not a party to this, I can’t do this anymore, I can’t live like this, I can’t lie to the American people.' Then he’d be a hero in many ways.

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They go over the show rundown and allow staffers across different departments — writers, talent, producers, social media, PR, and research — to coordinate efforts. "I have like an arugula salad at 8 o'clock in the morning with turkey and hummus in it," she said. That's pretty much my ritual." During this time, Handler tries to shape a segment so that viewers really learn something new.

It was definitely a process of experimentation for several weeks. Or I clicked in, personally, on a performance level," she said.

"And now it's just — everything keeps falling into place." Although the show streams just three new episodes a week, it's a full-time job for Handler and the show's staff. I get here at like a.m." Business Insider got a rare look at a day with Handler behind the scenes of her talk show at the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Los Angeles.

It's been a big week for reported romances (hi, Uma and Quentin).

Now, sources are saying that Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans are an item.

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