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Governments across New York are searching for way s to become more efficient or consolidate.Elbridge Village Mayor Hank Doerr's petition for a vote to dissolve the town of Elbridge brings the statewide issue of consolidating government home to Central New York. MERCER COUNTY — Tree-lined Leigh Avenue in Princeton looks the same from both sides of the street.

The state is offering Local Government Efficiency Grants to municipalities, school districts and other government entities to pay for studies on sharing services or, in some cases, consolidating.

In New York State, local governments may consider consolidation into a single entity.

For example, two towns may have determined that rather than exist as two separate municipal entities, consolidating into a single town would result in tax savings or service efficiencies.

Earlier this year, New York put a little more pressure on local governments to consolidate.

A sign on the border of Princeton Township, NJ and Princeton Borough, NJ on Harrison Street simply reads "Welcome to Princeton." Although a vote to consolidate both towns passed Tuesday, the factors that made the ballot question successful may not translate to other N. But because the border between Princeton Borough and Princeton Township runs down the middle of the block, residents put their garbage out on different days, go to different clerks’ offices to pay for dog licenses and are protected by two separate police departments.

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