Dating fender amp speakers

I recently purchased a 1972 Silverface Champ for 40 bucks.

I am not an expert on amps, Fender amps, or Silverface Fender amps. I am merely someone that loves old gear, appreciates Silverface amps, loves to write, and loves history.

Is there some kind of file compression I can use here to upload the pics?

Rick Here is a D130 removed from a late 50's guitar amp.

If you post some photos of your D130Fs some of the sleuths here might be able to narrow them down for you..for recone or original, there are some give aways, but typically you need to look at under side and look for glue residue or a wider than factory bead of glue around the dustcap. Widget, Thanks to you and to everyone for your resposes. But when I tried to upload my photos of the JBL's I got the following error message: File Too Large. other software probably have similar designations... essentially if you have too much color info the file is too large for the system to support.

Rick The jpeg should be no wider than 800 pixels and if you use Photoshop, set the "Quality" to "High" and not "Maximum"...

This may also be helpful when dating a vintage tube guitar amplifier.

Guitar amplifier dating by serial numbers - How To Date A Guitar Amp or Bass Amp By Serial Number.

There are a number of resources available online to help you to date your guitar amplifier or bass amp.

1968 was a transitional year for Fender amps with tone that was still pure Fender but a look that was brand new.

With a silver-and-turquoise front panel and classy aluminum "drip edge" grille cloth trim, the Deluxe Reverb received a fresh new face as it remained the ideal recording and performing amp.

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