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An outline of the general physical principles of luminescence dating is given.

A case study of fluvial sands from the lower terrace of the Moselle valley is then presented to describe the range of field and laboratory procedures required for successful luminescence dating.

We explore the problems and potential of OSL-dating in Sweden by analysing quartz-OSL-ages from several known-age sites in Sweden and by investigating their luminescence properties.

Two difficulties in obtaining accurate and precise ages are incomplete bleaching and low-sensitivity quartz.

This paper aims to provide an overview concerning the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating method and its applications for geomorphological research in France.After deposition these sediments accumulate luminescence which can be measured allowing the age of burial to be determined.There is now convincing evidence that many glacial, fluvial, aeolian, and even shallow marine sediments can be dated by OSL techniques.From this data a complex deposition and incision history is constructed for the last 500 years.It is concluded that sediment deposition was mainly forced by sediment supply from ploughing areas.

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