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People who are married and people who are not married may differ in all sorts of other ways (such as financial resources or experiences of stigma – getting stereotyped, excluded, or discriminated against), and it may be and even before.

The group of people who are currently married does not include all of the people who ever got married.

According to a new study published in the journal , the company you keep could actually have an affect on your physical health. Dating happy people actually has positive health benefits for you beyond just smiling more.

That means that your negative friend or partner could actually have a physical bad effect on you — not just frying your emotions... The study consisted of 1,981 couples and confirmed that when your partner or spouse is happy and more invigorated by their own lives, you get a nice heaping dose of beneficial joy cast off, from their actions and their words.

What happens to your happiness and satisfaction with your life in the years following a potentially major life event such as getting married or divorced or having a child or becoming unemployed?

Social scientists have been doing a lot of research on that question.

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While the study focused on middle-aged heterosexual couples, there’s no reason to think that the results wouldn’t apply to everyone, right? D., an investigator of the study, seemed to think that this was a major find.

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Divorced and widowed people are separated out of the currently-married group.

So if currently married people are happier than other people, you get married.

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