Dns updating linux

) for a site I've got hosted, but I still get the domain registrar parking page. ) Ubuntu doesn't cache dns records by default so unless you've installed a dns cache there isn't anything to clear.

I'd like to see if the problem is Ubuntu's cached DNS records. DNS records are likely cached by your provider's DNS servers so if you want to check if the DNS changes you made were successful you can interrogate a DNS server from your domain hosting service with dig: .

Here are the basic parameters you will need: The following is what you need to know to code a Dynamic DNS client for use with easy DNS.

Giving credit where credit is due, the protocol used below was adapted from the format used at

Some of these include easy DNS as one of their options, and you need only select it from the menu they provide.

Others allow you to enter the settings for your dynamic server.

If you are seeing cache issues, this is likely happening in one of a few places: My output from ps aux|grep is the same as yours, yet something definitely IS caching DNSs on my machine. Proof: I created a subdomain on my server, yet I could not ping it, host unreachable.You could check that the settings are correct in your router if you can access it via the web interface, and perhaps reboot it if necessary.If it is a general problem with dns, you could try using Google dns instead of your isp dns, and more information on that is detailed here.If you are running with stock settings it won't be caching dns, as for it to do so you have to explicitly set it up as this Ubuntu article describes.If you wanted to refresh your settings you could disable and then enable networking or run will be taking the settings direct from your router and your connection will be automatically established when you login to Ubuntu.

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