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Not only is it a quick way for parishioners to tithe, but it’s also a channel you can encourage them to use during live events (including your sermons! To start accepting text donations, you’ll need to find a text-to-give software provider and promote your new donation method to your congregation. Crowdfunding is when you raise money through social sharing.Your church can start a campaign with little to no upfront costs.But I admit it, being able to track all of these details (which ensures that the event runs smoothly) requires a great deal of organization from us.This post is part of a series that comes to us from Anne @Unique Gifter, a website full of awesome gift giving ideas and ways to spice up otherwise mundane wedding gifts, like sheets!

Obviously, there's a business side to the event, but profit-seeking is not the primary motivator in running a speed-dating event.

With this in mind, I certainly think that the key factors to running a successful speed-dating event in London are: 1) Being organized and detail-oriented.

There are numerous details to do with securing the exclusive venue for our speed dating event, signing up as many of you lovely speed daters as possible, notifying you of upcoming events, keeping our website, blog and Twitter accounts up to date and setting up at the venue in good time are just several of the dozens of details that need to be considered.

The first post in the series will cover why people go to networking events // recommended group sizes // how to choose a venue // best option for meal plans // organizing RSVPs // and designing handouts It is very important to keep this in mind!

Part of the answer to this question will determine how you time your event and set it up, such as providing childcare and the type of introduction you give.

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