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The Kirkland bachelor has more than 12 years’ experience in marketing in various roles such as brand and marketing management, digital marketing, analytics and account direction. Despite having a contact with the show the casting process was still tedious.“I was asked to interview several times via phone, email and Skype; when I learned I made the cut, I was flattered,” Yong said. As a guy, take the lead by being a chivalrous and generous host: lead conversation, make her feel comfortable, and pay for dinner.” The experience also taught him a lot about dating.“As an Asian American guy, I knew I had a specific angle and specific platform.” Yong said the show is a voyeuristic look at blind dates set up at a fine dining restaurant in Chicago. Hidden cameras are set up and there are absolutely no scripts, according to Yong. “I learned that, whether you’re in private or potentially viewed by millions via hidden cameras, be genuine and be yourself,” Yong said.Yong had some advice for those on the dating scene. “Your reputation is really important and something you don’t want to sully. have fun.” As for his perfect match: “My future Mrs. She’s somewhere out there.” He is a Kirkland Chamber of Commerce member and a board member of the Seattle Chinatown Development Council (SCIDpda).One of Yong’s friends got him connected with the show and a casting call.

The show is executive produced by Ellen De Generes and narrated by Drew Barrymore.

First Dates takes place in a Chicago restaurant, with restauranteur Sandro Coppola serving as Maitre d’.

The action centers on different couples who have just met, as they go out on their first dates.

"Santa Clarita Diet" star Drew Barrymore narrates the action over the course of the eight-episode series.

Drew Barrymore has signed on to the NBC dating reality series “First Dates,” The Wrap has learned.

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