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Quarles Assistant Public Defender Attorney, Collateral Appeals: Martin Mc Clain Registry Upon exiting the house, Jennings threw the victim down, causing her head to strike the pavement with enough force to fracture her skull.

Jennings then moved the victim to a canal close by where he sexually assaulted her before holding her head underwater for approximately ten minutes.

Most students look to stay as close to campus as possible throughout their four years to avoid any issues of getting to campus for classes. Make sure you're always on your game with housing at University of Florida; there's a crazy amount of students, and that means a crazy race to get the best housing.

Plus, it doesn't change the fact that the bill is implying transgender people make public facilities less safe, which is totally crazy.

Moreover, East Coast Migrant Head Start Project offers competitive benefits package to employees.

They include: competitive wages, a medical plan (including dental and vision care), life and disability insurance, employer contributions to a 403(b) retirement savings account, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, a flexible spending plan, leave plan and paid holidays each year.

Teen activist Jazz Jennings is speaking out against Florida legislators who are trying to pass a bill to keep her and other transgender people from using single-sex bathrooms (aka public facilities that are only for men, or only for women).

If passed, girls like Jazz could face jail time for using the women's bathroom (or locker room, dressing room, etc.) in her home state.

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